Solent Speech Therapy

The practice is open in term time only. Therapy is offered in clinic, schools and nurseries. The frequency of therapy varies depending on the child’s needs, but very often we recommend an initial course of weekly sessions to get the therapy underway. For some children the frequency of sessions may reduce after this initial course. For other children we will offer a course of therapy of agreed length, then a break from therapy followed by a further course of sessions.

Each therapy session consists of approximately 45 minutes working with the child, followed by explanation of the practice to be done before the next session. Materials are provided for practice activities. These activities are usually based on activities done in the session and so it is helpful for the person who will do the practice with the child to be in the session, as it is far easier to do an activity you have seen done, than one which has just been explained to you or for which you have been given written instructions.

Therapy sessions are structured to be fun and motivating for the child, in order to maintain their attention and maximise progress. The sessions are planned beforehand, but adapted within the session depending on the child’s responses to the activities and targets.