Thank you so much for all of your help. The difference that the speech therapy has made to A’s life is incredible. And the fact that she enjoyed the sessions was a bonus too!

– Josette

Anita, our therapist is very professional dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile. She not only helps our son but also us as parents and his school to work together to achieve his maximum speech and language potential. Through her perseverance with for example, cued articulation he is now able to make speech sounds that have never been possible for him before.

Shame we didn’t find her years ago!

– Alison

Solent Speech and Language have supported my son (who is now 13) since he started school.   They have provided tailored 1:1 support for his severe speech and language difficulties, and independent advice to both myself and school, which was particularly beneficial during annual reviews of his Statement and transition to secondary school.  Therapy has been delivered both in clinic and at school and it is ensured this compliments any on-going school programmes.  The therapy is always explained and resources provided, so that both myself and the school can implement the programme in between visits.  Therapy has included introducing Makaton signs, speech sounds, vocabulary/grammar and the Talk Tools Programme.  They have also worked to ensure that my son’s speech, signing and use of a communication aid are combined, to achieve his full potential when communicating and he has progressed significantly in terms of both his confidence and skills.

– Chris

I have two daughters who have vastly benefited from the input of Solent Speech and Language Therapy. One of my daughters has quite complex diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and non-verbal. Anita was able to provide easy to follow therapy around my daughters communication aids and improve understanding so she could better express herself. My other daughter is delayed in several areas of communication, again the solutions are clear and easy to follow. I am happy to say that both my daughters over the last few years have made great advancements in communication and understanding. I strongly recommend Solent Speech and Language because of the child focused approach, clarity of documentation and professionalism.

– Pierre

Thank you so much for all your input with J – we really don’t think he would be talking without it! Sorry that we can’t take you with us!

– Liz